Five Tips for Making iPhones More Secure

Our expensive devices are always under a threat of receiving any unwanted danger that can siphon our information into wrong hands. The developers of the devices are aware of the fact; hence they are providing users iPhones with a lot advanced and well-designed software. Still the unwanted data or analog reaches to the devices and it could cause harm to the device. It could reveal data in the phone and use it to commit identity theft. You might be anxious about the threat but don’t worry here are some tips to make the iPhones more secure and safer than before.

  1.    Use a long passcode

If you wish to protect your data from the malicious people, then a secure passcode is needed. The passcode must be more than six digits. You can also use Face ID, instead of a Passcode. Remember to enable the “erase data” feature. The feature will erase data after ten fail attempts to unlock the phone, and the hacker will never be able to recover the data.

In settings of your phone go to “Passcode” and tap “Require passcode: immediately.” Switch off “simple passcode” option.

  1.    Turn off Lock screen notifications

It won’t be safe if you keep Lock screen notification on. E-mails, Messages and more information contain critical financial data, confirmation codes, and appointments. It’s always better to show fewer details on your iPhone screen.

In settings, go to “passcode” and select “Allow access when locked.”

  1.    Disable Siri on a lock screen

As Siri is not capable of recognizing its owner’s voice, it replies to everyone. Siri can share enough information even from the lock screen. It is to better to disable from the lock screen of your phone. It might help to reduce the probability of data extortion.

  •    In settings, go to “passcode” and click “Allow access when locked section.”
  •    Tap “Siri off” and come back to the settings menu.
  •    Go to “General” and select “Siri” to turn it off.
  1.    Turn off Cookies in the web browser

Cookies are small sized files contained by each website. The websites leave cookies in the device, containing information about the system. By turning it off will help to keep your device secure, as these cookies lend help for cybercriminals to spread spyware. You would not like to get spyware in your iPhone.

  •    In Safari, go to settings and tap “Privacy and Security” section.
  •    Tap “Do Not Track: on” and select “Block Cookies: Always Block.”
  1.    Turn on Find My iPhone

If your device has been lost, then you can track it back. “Find my iPhone” lets you erase the data, remotely and locks your iPhone. If you have enabled the function, you can track your device from another iOS device on maps.

Since there is several ways get unauthorized access to someone’s device, it is essential to keep iPhones safe. As the phones are now capable of online transactions as well, cybersecurity is also needed so that nobody can access into the iPhones and collect the data. These tips will help you to safeguard your device.

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