Fortnite: Weapons that Got Knocked out of Fortnite before January 2k19

 Fortnite has been around since 2017, and it has introduced gamers with a new and exclusive battle royale style game for players around the world.

And oh boy! It really has stood out to be on the top amongst similar game styles, but in its long journey, it has experienced a lot of ups and down’s with inclusion on various challenges, events and daily tasks.

Fortnite has also included new extended maps with new locations and tasks associated to it, but in the gone years Fortnite has also removed a lot of content that was once available for players to use in the game.

Fortnite: Weapons that Got Knocked out of Fortnite before January 2k19

A number of gamers and streamers who have been connected with Fortnite from the beginning may have few experiences with such items, but a vast majority of the new player base would have even never heard of such items in the game.

Fortnite with gone years has included and excluded various weapons and items claiming that some items turn out to be overpowered or irrelevant in the Fortnite.

As it is ever developing game style and requires intense balance monitoring to provide synergy and relevant in-game interactions.

To maintain proper in-game experience it becomes essential to maintain a balance between different weapon synergies and that every player receives a fair chance to survive amongst 99 others.

 There are plenty of such examples to undermine that how much content creation is required to develop such a successful franchise.

Most of the players won’t even recognise the Zapotron which was the first to be removed from the game and the Boogie bomb that created a hawk amongst the squads in their defensive structure.

Well, there were some items which didn’t survive for even a month in the game like the Infinity Blade, which was the melee type weapon which provided additional 200 shields with incredible damage of 400 per swing if it connects to the opponent.

It even provided bearer boost in stamina which provided extended jumping range and speed running. This weapon faced such a backlash amongst the community and Fortnite forums that it was first nerfed and then removed.

You may remember Double barrel shotgun, Clinger or Semi-auto sniper been removed from the game recently but in the gone past days many more items like Guided missile, Sub Machine gun or Smoke grenades were also excluded.

Current speculations are indicating that Fortnite may include a Suppressed Sniper rifle which can be an excellent addition for the campers and experts in sniping gameplay as it would give an edge by not disclosing your location to the enemies.

It is to be seen that what Fortnite plans nest to knock out of the gameplay but it is interesting to see that what additional content we will receive next that would enhance the in-game experience.

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