How to Add Animated GIFs in Emails

Probably the best plan to relieve up marketing email is through the use of animated GIF. Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook will permit you to email the GIF.

How to Email GIF with using a Gmail?

Before starting, the user needs to search for that perfect GIF for mailing it. Once this part is done, the user is all set to use Gmail. Users can insert GIF to Gmail following two ways. They need to copy, paste GIF’s webpage link. Users can even upload GIF directly from the computer.

How to Upload a GIF?

For uploading an already saved GIF, choose Insert Photo icon. Now, upload the GIF directly. Just insert it to your email body.

How to Copy and Paste the GIF link?

  1. Go to Gmail.
  2. Choose Compose.
  3. Now search the desired GIF.
  4. Users need to copy the GIFs link.
  5. Go back to the email.
  6. In the bottom toolbar, Choose the Insert Photo icon.
  7. Go to the field and stick the GIF link.
  8. Gmail will be showing you a preview of your image.
  9. Choose Insert is everything is fine.
  10. Users can directly send the GIF now.

How to Send the GIF while using the Outlook?

Sending GIF within Gmail is pretty related to carry it within Outlook. Begin by opening Outlook on your system.

  1. Now that the Outlook is open Choose a new email and start composing.
  2. Go to the top ribbon for choosing the pictures.
  3. Now select Pictures from the file.
  4. Search the GIF.
  5. Choose Insert.
  6. Now you can readily send the GIF.

How to Email the GIF with Yahoo Mail?

With Yahoo, you may swiftly send the GIF for the built-in the tool of GIF. Users can even pull and drop their favorite GIF with the help of inline capability of the photo.

How to do this using Yahoo’s GIF tool?

For searching the GIF with the help of Yahoo tool.

  1. Go to the Yahoo mail.
  2. Now, choose Compose and start a fresh email.
  3. Go to the toolbar at the bottom.
  4. Choose the icon of GIF.
  5. There will be a collection of the favorite GIFs.
  6. Got the perfect GIF.
  7. Choose and insert it to email.
  8. Users are ready to send the GIF now.

How to do this using Yahoo’s Drag and Drop feature?

  1. Begin a new email by choosing Compose.
  2. On your system, search the GIF on the computer.
  3. Drag and drop email body.
  4. Now, you are done.

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