How to Clean and Maintain Computer Software

Cleaning software regularly aids in preserving computer data. Antivirus applications and other software updates make sure that threats such as malware, rootkits, worms, etc., do not seep into the system. They also ensure that nobody gets unauthorized access to the network and data. Therefore, when you regularly back up your data, remove irrelevant applications, and repair your computer by fixing the Windows registry entries, defrag your hard drive, you make sure that your device can store data without unknowingly infecting them.

Here is how you can clean your computer by maintaining its software:

After cleaning the hardware, it is time to focus on the software components. Software is the soul of a device. Here is how you can cleanse your computer:

  • Create backups

You need to back up all the files and other information stored on your device on a regular basis. While the hardware part of the device is replaceable and you can just go to a store and buy a new phone, you cannot purchase the files stored in the device. You can either invest in external hard drives or back up your data there, or else you can save it in a secure cloud server. However you back it up, ensure that you are backing up your device data 2-3 times in a month.

  • Protect against malware

Get a reliable security program which makes sure that threats and infections do not sneak in and corrupt your data. Often users unknowingly download software which contains malware. Therefore, turn on web protection and browse safely.

  • Install software updates and remove redundant programs

Outdated programs are highly exposed to cyber threats, as a majority of updates are rolled out to secure the program. Do not discard or procrastinate updating your applications. Also, while updating the apps, remove the ones you no longer use or need. The higher the number of applications you have on the system, the more ways hackers will get to access your system. Hence, uninstall and then completely remove all the apps which are no longer needed.

Tidy up your digital life

You must mop up all the digital grime and dust- that consists of applications you do not need and redundant documents trashing your computer. Follow these tips:

  • Unclutter the messy desktop

The computer’s desktop is the best place to keep important files and shortcuts. However, it can get cluttered. Sort the desktop icons and hide the unimportant ones.

  • Organize and categorize

Put all the documents, pictures, videos, etc., in folders under different categories. This will not only help you locate them more easily but will also keep your data organized.

  • Reset the passwords

Keep changing the passwords frequently. This way you can protect your data and devices. If any of your devices, networks, programs, or accounts have the factory set password, change it.

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