How to Make a To-Do List on Your iPhone

Keeping track of things that you have to do, helps in keeping you organized and helps in saving time. In the previous time, people used to carry black notebooks with a pen in their hand. Now, you can do a similar thing with your iPhone using the choice of programs.

With the help of Siri

  • Ask Siri

Tap and hold your iPhone’s home button till you listen to two beeps pointing that you can ask a question to Siri.

  • Tell Siri that what she needs to remind you about

Speak into your microphone as you will do with some person with clear articulation. Speak Memorize me to purchase juice at 6 pm. Siri will respond by saying OK. Now you can make another reminder.

  • This is it

You may add as much reminder as you can and the way you like. You can easily edit and find the list of reminders by simply opening Reminders app that is installed on each and every iPhone.

With the help of Reminders App

  1. Launch the Reminders App.
  2. Click the New List button.
  3. Label the list To Do.
  4. Add the to-do items to each of the lines of the list.
  5. Click the circle next to each of the item to check off the list.

With the help of the Notes App

  1. Look for the Notes app installed by default on iPhone.
  2. Open it.
  3. Click the new button to open a new note.
  4. Enter your task list here.
  5. Press return after each line.

With the help of Your Handwriting App

  1. Launch the App
  2. You may scribble a to do list in your own writing.
  3. You need to download the Use Your Handwriting App.
  4. Make a note
  5. Launch the app and tap the + button.
  6. You will see a writing screen.
  7. Write down the note
  8. Write in large letters by filling up the height of the screen.
  9. When you are about to finish a line, the screen will scroll to give you some more room.
  10. You can write notes of any length this way.
  11. Tap Done
  12. Tap the Done button when you are finished.
  13. Your notes will shrink in size and will appear in a list.
  14. You can tap the + button to add to list.

With the help of Todoist

  1. Launch the App.
  2. You can download the app for free.
  3. Make a note by pressing the + button to add a new note.
  4. You can manage your notes by going to the Todoist website to view notes online.

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