September 7, 2018

McAfee MTP Retail Card | – McAfee Activate

In the present world, it has become crucial to have antivirus software. Did you ever lose an incredibly important file because of computer infections and file corruption? Irrespective of whether you have encountered cyber attacks and threats, it is vital always to be prepared in care of threats and attacks being launched against your computer or network. People often forget how essential antivirus protection is. But, this is a crucial asset, as it safeguards you from losing important stuff from getting corrupted and from cybercriminals. These cyber criminals pose a severe risk to your money and virtual identity.

In the present dangerous cyber world, traditional virus security is not sufficient. In the connected world, users have to make sure that all of their networks and devices are protected from all kinds of emerging threats. McAfee Total Protection or MTP is a reliable anti-malware program that protects all the gadgets against infections, and also provides a number of other protections. To get MTP for your device, go to You can get it for your Windows PC, Mac computer, Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.

Steps for downloading MTP

You do not need advanced technical expertise to download McAfee software. You need to power on the device and connect it to the internet. Follow the process mentioned here:

  1. Unbox the MTP subscription package.
  2. Go to the URL mentioned in the MTP retail card.
  3. Wait for to load.
  4. Now, you need to sign in to your existing McAfee account.
  5. If you do not have an account, then go to create an account.
  6. Furnish all the details and verify your email.
  7. Enter the login ID and password.
  8. You can save the login details for convenience.
  9. Click on the Sign in button.
  10. After logging in, open the My Account tab situated in the top right-hand side adjacent to Log Out.
  11. Now, just select McAfee Total Protection or MTP from the dashboard.
  12. You will get redirected to the download page.
  13. Go to the drop-down menu for Country and select one.
  14. After that, pick the appropriate language.
  15. Now, a screen should crop-up.
  16. To get started, choose the device you have to download MTP on.
  17. Hit the crimson Download option.
  18. Click on MTP or McAfee Total Protection from the list.
  19. You will get redirected to Add a Device webpage,
  20. Hit the Download button. (You can also send the download link to a different device).
  21. Let the download process finish.

Steps for installing McAfee Total Protection

When the software file gets downloaded, installation starts automatically. However, you might have to induce it manually. Here is how you can install McAfee on your system:

  1. Head over to the folder where the McAfee file is.
  2. Double-click on the downloaded setup.
  3. Now, wait for the McAfee License Agreement to appear.
  4. Click on the I agree button after reading the agreement.
  5. Select the Complete Install option. You may choose custom installation if you want specific protection.
  6. Go to the Next screen.
  7. Now, the installation should begin.
  8. Close the window when the installation is over.

Steps for activating MTP Retail Card

To verify that you have a valid subscription, follow the steps given below for McAfee activation:

  1. Open any internet browsing software on the desktop.
  2. Go to the webpage mentioned at the back of the MTP retail card.
  3. Allow the page to load.
  4. Click on the Language tab and select the language from the list.
  5. After that, select the location.
  6. Enter the 25 characters alphanumeric product key in the box.
  7. Enter your email address associated to the McAfee account.
  8. Click on the Submit option.
  9. Change the email or activation code, if you entered it wrong.
  10. Click on the Verify option.
  11. Congrats, your MTP subscription has been activated.

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